Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Highlights of the Future

Here's a Top Ten list of upcoming activities for the next few weeks of SKMS:

1. Planning for the spring trip, which will get us off campus for three days in May.
2. Two smaller trips, one to the U of M School of Music, another TBA.
3. The completion of the lit circle books and an coffee-and-cake event showing off each circle's projects.
4. Scenes from Julius Caesar.
5. The implementation of each student's SK service project; each should be in place before spring break.
6. Assessment in the form of the electronic, innovative, individualized Let's Go Learn tests.
7. Participation in U of M's Place Out of Time simulation, in which students take on historical or literary figures and debate the progression of a fictionalized trial in France on freedom of expression.
8. Design and preparation of the third and final round of Exhibitions, to be conducted in May.
9. Design and preparation of next year's seventh and eighth grade classroom spaces on the SK second floor.
10. Tracking the road to enlightenment in different world religions--by creating board games.

Just as Mesopotamia is the Land Between the Rivers, this period will be the School Between the Breaks. We'll try to be civilized about it as we tie together the year's themes, with a current focus on Global Civilization and the Circle of Life.

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