Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vegetarian Kryptonite

Last week, for a class treat, Isobel brought in bacon and scones. There was some irony in the fact that Isobel is a vegetarian; she showed steely resolve in not partaking of the bacon herself (not for nothing do I call bacon vegetarian Kryptonite).

For me, the second treat came when the kids started finishing their snacks. First Jonathan, then Hannah, then Taylor, then others took their plates to the sink and started washing them. No one asked them to. They just did it. Then Saul collected the remaining dirty dishes and washed them himself. Evan took the plates back to the kitchen.

They are middle schoolers, a source of exasperation to be sure. I use my Stern Voice once or twice every day. But they are also kids who wash their dishes without being asked. It was a lovely morning.

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