Saturday, September 1, 2012

The First Day: Tuesday 4 September

The schedule for Tuesday begins with a gathering in the commons. We'll have an hour and a half together, including a break, before going on to an hour of Art; then lunchtime. After lunch, we'll have another hour together, then go on to Science for an hour. The day closes with a session of French with Imogen Giles, or Mandarin with Fan Wu, before we gather again for five minutes to say so long.

8.45     assembly in the commons
9:00     time together
10:30   art with Tracy Gallup
11:30   lunch & recess
12:30   time together
1:30     science with George Albercook
2:30     mandarin or french 
3:25     time together
3:30     end of the day

I will review the weekly Flow of the Day (SK's charming term for the daily schedule) with the students on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on, well, the actual flow of the actual day.

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