Saturday, September 8, 2012


Parents and many students really came through over the past couple of weeks, bushwhacking, chopping, hauling, clearing and otherwise getting filthy and sore to bring us a playground right outside the north side of the new SK building. We got out there on every day of the week.

There's no play equipment yet: a sandbox, as yet incomplete, a couple of boulders, a few logs arranged in a circle, a couple of vines hanging low from trees. When we ran out to the area on Wednesday, the SK middle schoolers immediately jumped on top of the logs and started playing Hot Potato. The next day, others began to pry the boulders with sticks. They're still working on that one, improvising fulcrums and straining their shoulders.

We don't actually need much equipment. I hope we won't add too much. The kids don't need it. They are finding their own games, their own amusements, defining their own areas, making it theirs. What fun.

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