Friday, December 9, 2016

The All-School Project: Myths of Everywhere

History & Society work at the 7-8 level continued to focus on three activities. 

Processing and analyzing the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights was our dominant conversation upstairs. Students looked at ways in which local civic institutions embody both the rights and responsibilities articulated in the document, with a particularly lively discussion on how the police force represents both. 

In addition, students reached the end of the Constitution and Bill of Rights anthology, completing their annotations and preparing for next week's activities. (For a deeper explanation of what annotations are, how they are used, and what students have actually written, keep an eye out for next week's classroom blog post.) 

Finally, we rehearsed the all-school play, Myths of Everywhere, four days out of five. Their sketch from Norse Mythology, Stolen Thunder, has been a source of great fun and growing stagecraft. The 7-8s also muscled the stage platforms into place, narrated two of the younger classes' scenes, supplied further scenes onstage, and came up with new comic ideas which we hope everyone will enjoy.

This week in math, the pre-algebra class began some lessons on inequalities. While many of the students are still focusing on perfecting previous work, many have moved forward to Chapter Four in our text. After learning about birthday lines last week, the algebra class continues their studies of linear equations.

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