Friday, December 2, 2016

Human Rights

It has been a busy week-plus in History and Society work in the seventh and eighth grade program. Our annotative work in the Constitution anthology has continued apace. The readings for the week have focused on the limitations of the Articles of Confederation, the work of Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, and the struggle for compromise and ratification. We looked the concept of equality under the rule of law by examining a few sample cases pertinent to the Bill of Rights. Finally, we took some time to look at the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which later will form the basis for project work in the second semester. We also continued our work on mythology with rehearsals of tales from Canada, India, and Norway in advance of the performances of December 9 and 10.

In addition, this was a banner week in physical education. We played a variety of team games with a variety of balls (foursquare, soft little quaffles, soccer balls, and a giant yoga ball). The next day, we created games with stomp rockets and then played an original indoor game that the kids dubbed 'babyball'.

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