Friday, January 15, 2016

January to June

Below is the electronic version of the Big Chart, tracking our homeroom plans for the semester. The brightly colored whiteboard version is up in the classroom, right at the top of the stairs, as a helpful reminder to pick up the pace whenever the days get slow, not that they do. 

This plan includes five projects, three Exhibitions, six read-alouds, and sixteen other sundry items. 

Bear in mind that, with the exception of the very first row, none of the work in the kids' specials classes is included--that's Latin, Math, Science, Art, Music, and either French or Mandarin (we call it 'Frandarinch').

Science Projectsconductcomplete & exhibitstate fair------
Science Exhibitionsschedule; prepconduct--------
Polis ProjectsGreek poleisoriginal poleis--------
Einstein's Dreamsread----------
Innovation & Systems Booksbegin readingfinish reading--optionalsoptionals--
Storm Projectbegin tendcomplete------
DetroitDIA----HeidelbergEarthworksCity FC
Lit Publicationrevise fall prompts4-6 prompts4-6 promptsbig paperfinal promptsrevise & publish
Athletics & PEwinter sportstournament?quidditch & trackbicycle weekmile weeks & meetfield day
Student Governmentnew goalspursueHHF weeknew goalspursue--
High School 101shadow dayslotteries--adviceadvicegraduate
Our Whole Livesgenderrelationshipsmediabehaviordangerscommunication
Work Crewssecond rotationsecond rotationsecond rotationthird rotationthird rotationthird rotation
Unknown Island----read------
AmericansslaveryreconstructionDouglassbig paper----
The Tempestrehearserehearseperform------
Civic Projectconceivenarrowselectconductexhibit--
Civic Exhibitions----schedulerehearseconduct--
Place out of Time--assignengagecomplete----
Assessmentportfoliosprepare goalsconferences--complete portfoliosreflect
Frederick Douglass----readfinish----
Lupita MaƱana--------read--
Retro Projects------planconductexhibit
Retro Exhibitions------schedulerehearseconduct
Maladies or Untwine--------readfinish
Spring Tripplancommunicatepreparepacktravel--
Legacy Projectsdeterminepursuepursuepursuecompleteexhibit
Legacy Exhibitions------schedulerehearseconduct

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