Friday, January 8, 2016

Ellie's Exhibition: Dragons

I started off my Exhibition by bringing up a screen on the projector with all my research on dragons. I talked about dragons, and how they are portrayed around the world. 

Eastern dragons are typically kind, and control the water. They have long, serpentine bodies, and often hold a magical flaming pearl, as in Bhutan's flag, which hangs in our classroom. Western dragons are almost always unkind, live in dry, desert like areas, and breathe fire. (Check out the Welsh flag we have too.) I also shared my research on German, Welsh, and Chinese dragons. 
As an activity, I had everyone do a test, which asked what do you know about welsh, German and Chinese dragons, and what do you think a dragon is like. I then made them draw their dragon on the back of the paper. I used the tests, going over each one, and telling them what they got correct, what was incorrect, what was cool about each of their own dragons, and going over the answers that were incorrect. 

For a physical project alongside the rest of the Exhibition, I made an amazing stuffed dragon. 
the flag of Bhutan

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