Sunday, September 6, 2015

'The readiness is all.'

The 7-8 space is ready for the imminent invasion. I would venture to say that it looks even better than it did last year. We have murals from the class of 2015; twenty flags; a new couch; a new project space; new toys and new fish in the aquarium; a PE alcove with basketballs, soccer balls, broomsticks, stomp rockets, snowshoes, and other essentials.

Best of all, we have a new Weather Report and a new Big Chart. Below is, loosely, what we can expect to accomplish between now and December. Anchors aweigh!

Identity Projectsbegin booksdetermine projectscomplete projects--
Identity Exhibitions--rehearseExhibitionsExhibitions
Identity Booksbegin booksread & plan in pairsproject & show-off--
Athletics & PEsix-a-side; Quidditchsix-a-side; Quidditchfour-school event?winter sports
Work Crewsfirst rotationcontinuecontinuecontinue
Science & Mathintroduce & relateSam & LisaSam & Lisaschedule Exhibitions 
Lit Publication4-6 prompts4-6 prompts4-6 promptscurate
Americansmaps & biographiesmaps & biographiesAmerica (Abridged)festival
Student Gov'tlame duck sessionselectionsrevise goalspursue goals
Identity Iinitial project------
Innovation Iintroduce with maps------
America (Abridged)read; composeaudition & rehearserehearseperform
Legacy Projectsbrainstormconsiderdecide and begincontinue work
Our Whole Livesretreatlanguagebiologicalsocial
High School 101contact alumnipoll eighth gradersshadow daysshadow days
Things Fall Apart------read aloud
Mango Street--read aloud----
Science Projects----identify projectsset deadlines
Science Exhibitions------schedule Exhibitions 
Civ Cityintroduceprojects for somepursuereflect
Animal Farmread aloud------
Martin Guerre----read aloud--
The Tempest------cast & begin reading
Sustainability Iintroduce with maps----project planning

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