Friday, September 11, 2015

'Am I so round with you as you with me, that, like a football, you do spurn me thus?'

PE, which I often call Kinesthetics--learning through motion--was a good time during the first week of school. On Tuesday, I invited the students to browse through our PE Alcove, located in the coatroom, and to choose any item for half an hour of free outdoor play.

Here are the kids, with their selections. 

Our first injury was Lindsay scraping her knee because she was sprinting around the woodchips on snowshoes. Our first argument was Evan and Lee debating balls and strikes, only it wasn't baseball or even wiffleball: Evan was shooting foam rockets past Lee, who was swinging at them with a Quidditch broom.

Kinesthetics will be a mixture of competitive games (soccer, football, Quidditch, basketball, track, shoe golf) and other physical activity (hikes, swimming, skating, invented games of tag, Calvinball, choreography). We will trek the wonderful trails in the fabulous forest of Bird Hills Park in all four seasons.

Here we are on our summertime hike, with Colin, our new best friend.

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