Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kaeli's Retro Exhibition: Poetry Slam

Nico and Aristea write a brief account of Kaeli's final Exhibition of the year.

Kaeli's Retro Exhibition was on the topic of poetry. She explained the past of poetry slams, and how most people would do them. At her Exhibition she did her own mini-poetry slam. Kaeli, Aristea, KK, Margaret, and Lee each read one or two poems. She volunteered two judges, Isobel and Jianmarco. 

After each person read their poem, the judges would discuss and give a score. This is where it is a bit different from original poetry slams. Here, people were scored, but no one was eliminated. The scoring works on a scale of one to ten. It was very cool. (In competitive poetry slams, the elimination rounds would go eight-four-two or two-eight-four with one winner remaining at the end.)

Below are the three poems Kaeli wrote.

Is Spring Coming?
“Is spring coming?” he asked.
“Of course!” she replied.
“Don’t you see? The flowers are growing with the greatest ease.”
“What’s it like?” he asked. He had heard the song before but liked it.
“The sun is shining.” She sung, dancing.
“The rain falls.” He sings.
“And together they create a beautiful rainbow.” They sing softly together.

Yes. Just around the corner.
Singing in the rain
Pretty as a crystal
Relaxing in the warm breeze
 Incredibly beautiful and joyous
New and cleansing
Growing in great prosperity

The Rainbow
RED represents the most beautiful ruby red apples that grow with the
ORANGE tulips that sigh at the gorgeous
YELLOW sun that helps the emerald
GREEN grass that sticks up straight to the light
BLUE sky that helps shine light on the glistening
INDIGO grapes that grow in vineyards around California.
PURPLE, the final color that ends the beautiful rainbow in the sky.

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