Monday, June 8, 2015

Isobel's Legacy Project & Exhibition: Community Service

Elizabeth wrote up a little record of Isobel's Legacy Project and Exhibition.

For those who need it, here is a quick refresher about what a Legacy Project is. Every graduating eighth grader is charged with leaving an impact on the school. It can be a relationship between the school and another organization, a tangible project, or anything else that has a lasting impact on SK.  

Isobel decided to do her Legacy Project by making a connection between us, Summers-Knoll, and an elder home called Glacier Hills. The first time we visited Karl took all of us to get us acquainted with the place. Every other time he only took half the class, every other Wednesday. We would talk to the residents and play music for them.
For Isobel’s Exhibition she took Jianmarco, Nik, and me to Glacier Hills. Her parents met us there. We visited some of our favorite residents, including Evelyn and another whose name is Julia, but who calls herself Esperanza. They were excited to meet Isobel’s family and had a lot to say.
Then we headed to the Life Enrichment Center. There was a waterfall, a piano and some birds. We went into a room off the center and talked about our experience volunteering there. We talked about how natural it became to travel over to the facility and hang out with the residents. Isobel’s parents asked us questions and we discussed Isobel’s goals for the program in the future.
This was the first of the Legacy Exhibitions, and, especially for Isobel, it was emotionally charged, but the Exhibition was very good and it kicked off the final round of Exhibitions in a nice way.

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