Saturday, April 4, 2015

Transformation Projects and Exhibitions

The next round of Projects and Exhibitions each engage the theme of Transformation. The students first brainstormed about seventy project ideas, then gradually worked them down to this amazing list:

  • explaining the unexplainable in Ovid's Metamorphosis
  • the effects of music upon mood, measured by physical responses
  • a tree made of paper, with chocolate bars hanging from it (materials converted from nature to product and back again)
  • an exhibit of original ceramics modelled after styles from early civilizations
  • a brand-new Summers-Knoll butterfly garden
  • lessons taught and learned with the first & second grade class' study of mealworms
  • a comparative study of the recent histories of Detroit and Dubai
  • gravity and the possibility of life on different planets of our solar system
These Exhibitions will take place in the final week of April.

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