Saturday, April 4, 2015


The course of true love never did run smooth.

One of the most memorable adventures of the year was the first-ever 7-8 Spring Production. Joanna kicked it off this year with a return to Shakespeare: his most popular play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. The kids handled everything, as usual--props, costumes, publicity, etc--and Chris Barbeau donated the space and equipment at his studio, Ringstar, ten minutes' bus ride from SK.

Here are a few of Joanna's notes on the production, sent to the cast just after.

To my Romp of Thespians,

Well done. You made magic these past few days. All your work, effort, frustration, play, experimentation, irritation, fun, and determination paid off as you took your audience along on a storyline that made them laugh uproariously and--whether you noticed or not--cry with pride and pleasure at the spell you cast. Congratulations!

And thank you. There's not much I love more than working on Shakespeare with talented actors, and watching a script grow in people's hearts and minds from a jumble of words on a page to a living story. You did that, beautifully. 

I'll treasure the memories of Mike dying, Nik pulling roses out of his dress, Kaeli savaging a feather boa, Aristea chasing Trent around the stage, Trent dodging, Maya falling in love with a donkey, Margaret boasting about hunting with Hercules, Nico losing his way in the forest, Jianmarco being the most obnoxious husband ever, Elizabeth being the most obnoxious mother ever, Matthew chasing a laser pointer like a kitten, Lee making sure that Pyramus could not get past the wall, Isobel trying to fight her way through Trent and Niko to get to Aristea, and Karenna giving me goosebumps in the final speech even more. 

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