Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Science Work

Science Projects are well and truly underway. Today will be our second gathering with the seven Science Advisors who have joined us from the Summers-Knoll community. These are the questions our 7-8s are exploring:

How does attention span differ between two- and four-year-olds?
What explains the vulnerability of the ACL?
What factors contribute to extinction, and what is the probability of discovering a Lazarus species?
How does collective grief behavior compare between elephants and humans?
What is the difference between recognizing colors and numbers?
Is there a correlation between aggressive-sounding music and aggressive behavior?
What are the effects of REM behavior disorder on waking life?
What is the effect of depth on the pigmentation of algae?
How did the Big Bang create our solar system's planets, gravity, and orbits?
What are the causes of savant syndrome, and what accounts for its variety of symptoms?
Are there gender differences in the frustration threshhold for five- and six-year-olds?
How does Alzheimer's disease affect the brain?
How might the human brain will evolve over the next hundred generations?
How does the brain communicate with neurologically wired prosthetics?

Their projects and experiments will be conducted over the remaining days of January and into early February. Science Exhibitions will take place during the week of February 9-13.

In addition, the kids have been busy mapping the brain, connecting its parts to nerve functions, and examining abnormalities.
An abnormal brain.

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