Sunday, January 25, 2015

Matthew's Exhibition

Jianmarco wrote this account of his experience at Matthew's Exhibition.

Matthew’s Exhibition was centered around his Utopia Card Game. The first half consisted of an explanation and a slideshow presentation with rules. The presentation was easy to understand and the game rules were easy and well thought out. Although the exhibition was a bit shaky as it began, it quickly picked up speed and soon swept us along on a journey full of ‘rebellion’ (2) and ‘speeches’ (1). The second half was jam packed as we actually played his game.
As the game goes, it worked well and the professionalism of the real cards and rule sheets on hand was a pleasant surprise. The game mostly consisted of each of us playing cards on each other to raise or lower our or an opponent's utopia score. There were many other cards, representing boons, disasters, and everything in between; however, the overall goal was to reach utopia with 20 utopia points. As the Exhibition ended, we were having so much fun that we didn’t stop the game for several more minutes!
I came away from the Exhibition feeling that I had learned a fantastic new game, and realizing how much utopia and dystopia can be changed by one little thing.

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