Saturday, November 29, 2014

Topia Exhibitions

Here is our basic Exhibition schedule. Each of these will be chronicled on this site by a peer's post. If you're interested in attending one, feel free to send me an e-mail for details on times and places.

Tuesday, December 2
Jianmarco on genetic engineering.
Mike on failed utopias.

Wednesday, December 3
Trent on child soldiers.
Nico on the migration and differentiation of early humans.
Isobel on twins in different cultures.

Thursday, December 4
Matthew, Kaeli, and Lee's games on utopias, wonderlands, and broken worlds.
Aristea & Elizabeth's mural of movement between broken worlds and perfect ones.
Karenna's survey of different age groups on utopias, dystopias, and diasporas.

Friday, December 5
Nik's utopian graphic novella.
Margaret's house depicting four religions' versions of Heaven, Hell, and Earth.
Maya's family tree and disparate diasporas.

An Exhibition is a half-hour lesson, taught by the student, to a group of assembled peers, family members, and SK staff.

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