Friday, June 14, 2013

Odyssey 2013-2014

I cycled through a number of ideas when thinking about the play for this coming December. Joanna and I had had a few conversations but hadn't hit upon the right choice until a few weeks ago. We were having a discussion at a faculty meeting about the first theme for 2013-2014, Explorers of the World, and someone used the word 'odyssey'. Light bulbs popped visibly on over both my head and Joanna's.

I don't yet know which Odyssey it will be--Homer, Derek Walcott, Simon Armitage, one of a hundred others--but it will be the story of Odysseus, or Odysseia, and it will match Gilgamesh in scale if nothing else: we discussed it at our end-of-year faculty post mortem yesterday and it will not surprise you to hear that there is no shortage of ideas from that group.

Performances will take place on December 12, 13 and 14. Volunteers welcome.

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