Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mascots and Games 2013-2014

Let us say a fond farewell to the Blubbers, the Blueberries, the Tree Frogs, the Puppies, and all of the other possibilities that were voted off the island.

And let us say welcome to the Summers-Knoll Dragons.

Aristea and Danny gave us poetry, music, and whimsy on behalf of the mythical monsters.

Laurea and Jianmarco presented video and rhetoric to support Snow Leopards; Alexandra and Kaeli reminded us that Squirrels are indestructible and speedy, while also pointing out that 'cute is the new scary'; Melissa wrote lyrics about international Swans and sang it for the school, along with Isobel, Noah and Margaret.

In 2013-2014, we expect some friendly competition, athletic and otherwise, with schools of similar size in the region. As the summer progresses, we will keep you posted on schedules, games, guests, designs, and the new friends we'll make as we send our Dragons out into the world.

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