Sunday, January 6, 2013

Exhibitions Happened, and Will Happen

You can do two things well in an exhibition. You can (a) know your stuff and you can (b) teach well. 

A competent exhibitor does one of these effectively; a terrific exhibitor does both.

For our very first round, back in November, we did well. All twenty lessons, two per student, featured at least one of these--a good activity or some valuable knowledge. The best--Saul's chocolate lesson, Jianmarco's transportation debate, and others--did both.

Here were the key evaluative questions: 

How well did the student know the material? 
Was everything ready?
How comfortable was the student?
How focused was the audience through the exhibition?
How well did the members of the audience learn the material?

Our next round of Exhibitions, the second of three, will occur in February. This time around, Jason's fifth and sixth graders next door will be participating as well, so there will be a more complex schedule. 

Students in my class will conduct one mathematics lesson and one wild-card lesson (ancient Greece? science? Gilgamesh? Mandarin?).

More details as we suss out the process schedule. 

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