Thursday, May 25, 2017

Exhibition Lessons

This was Exhibition Week in the 7-8s, as our students explained the issues they were addressing, how they addressed them, and what we could do to further each cause, both as a community and as individuals. Last week's blog outlined the thirteen topics and activities. Suffice to say that, without exception, the Exhibitions were informative, the activities engaging, and the attendees better educated at the end of each half-hour than we were at the beginning.

Next week, we will be on our class trip to Toronto, which will include the following activities: 
  • a picnic on forested bluffs overlooking Lake Erie
  • rowing a voyageurs' canoe out into Toronto harbor (harbour, if you're Canadian)
  • accommodations at the University of Toronto
  • time to frolic and swim on a beach just east of downtown
  • a tour of the Royal Ontario Museum
  • a visits to Kensington Market the former beginning with a guided tour
  • a haunted city walk in the evening
  • elevator rides and vertiginous views from the CN Tower;
  • a visit to the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto; 
  • attendance at a performance of Twelfth Night (hooray!) at the Stratford Festival

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