Thursday, March 30, 2017

Alfred Hitchcock Is Bald

Place Out of Time advanced toward its culmination, a gathering at the University of Michigan's School of Education scheduled for Monday, April 10, the day we return from break. At that time, all of the participants will convene for activity and reflection at the Alhambra, where, in the simulation, the judgments and follow-up take place. (It's also called a banquet, because there is pizza.)

We spent some time on Tuesday in the SK costume shop (organized by Margaret Keillor '16 for her Legacy Project). The kids looking for items to wear to the banquet. Michelle Obama found a fabulous inauguration dress and Joan of Arc found some sturdy peasant gear. 

Students wrote comments on new testimony this week and communicated with each other about it. Justice Alfred Hitchcock's legal philosophy was shared with all other participants in the simulation, and was hailed by the facilitators as a strong example of the craft. (Mr. Hitchcock also located a bald wig in the costume shop.)

Last week we rehearsed the entire first half of Twelfth Night. This week we made it through the second half. Oliver is a memorably awkward Aguecheek; Maddy an active and poignant Antonio; Ellie an assertive and vulnerable Olivia. Miel's burgeoning onstage rivalry with Eva is another highlight. The kids are really finding their own way in each role. We will polish, polish, and polish some more when we return in anticipation of performances at the end of April.

In math, the students spent some time on Monday setting goals for themselves in advance of spring vacation. Sam facilitated this process, but the kids did their own planning. Each posted an individual plan, some reviewing material they found challenging, others pushing ahead to new assessments.

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