Friday, June 20, 2014

We Really Did A Lot

Hello, friends--

This is an update on the massive chart that has been on the northern whiteboard wall since January. For a treat, read through each row. We did awfully well, and I even added a row (the penultimate one).

We'll have a fresh one up when we open the year in September to preview the fall semester.

winter-spring 2014status2014-2015
Identity Projectscompleted in Feb & MarchCulture Day
Identity Exhibitionscompleted in February--
Athletics & PEPE continued; visit from FriendsFriends, Upland Hills; AALC?
Place out of Timecompleted in Aprilwinter-spring 2015
Lit Publicationsissued in Junewill repeat
Work Crewscompleted in June; Saul's LPwill continue
Americanswe didn't do a formal project, just promptsutopia & dystopia unit!
Student Governmentachieved stated goalselections in October
Detroitrelationships built with four city institutionswill continue
Cities Bookscompleted in March--
Cities Projectscompleted in Aprilsee 'Detroit'
Cities Exhibitionscompleted in April--
High School 101met in April, May & Junewill repeat
Theater 2014-2015Alice is coming!Midsummer too!
Graduationperformances & unique diplomas preparedwill repeat (duh)
Maker Faireparticipation postponedparticipation expected
Mythology Lit Circlesconducted in April & May--
Mythology Projectscompleted in May--
Spring Tripwe went!diaspora and utopias?
Math AssessmentsSam did theseand he will again
Legacy Projectsall eighth graders completed themwill sustain and repeat
Final Exhibitionsconducted in May & Junethey'll come eventually

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