Monday, January 20, 2014

Big Doings

This is a photo Fran took (and posted on Facebook) of one little portion of one of our whiteboards. Come check it out anytime, because I'm not erasing anything from it until June, if then.

The twenty-one rows of the chart represent our plans for the semester, not counting any of the specials classes, though there is plenty of integration, especially with Art and Music. Here are the titles for each row:

Identity Projects
Identity Exhibitions
Athletics & PE
Place out of Time
Lit Publications
Work Crews
Student Government
Cities Books
Cities Projects
Cities Exhibitions
High School 101
Theater 2014-2015
Maker Faire
Mythology Lit Circles
Mythology Projects
Spring Trip
Math Assessments
Final Exhibitions

The columns run January through June, with a PS for September--several of these topics will carry over into the 2014-2015 school year. The idea behind the giant chart was to integrate and coordinate as much work as possible, and to set an ambitious agenda that we could constantly preview and review. We took a little time on each day of the first full week back (January 13-17) to talk through the various topics. You can expect further illumination on each of these, both plans and progress, from future blog posts, to the tune of one or two a week. 

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