Friday, December 27, 2013

Odyssey Moments

I asked the middle school members of the Odyssey cast to write some favorite moments up on one of the whiteboards upstairs. Below is a their jumbled list. I have purposefully dropped them in here out of chronological order--I like the impressionistic nature it gives. It interests me that, without prompting, the kids included virtually every speaking part and scene in the play.

Telemachus, to Penelope: 
And now, Mother, go to your room.

Circe, to Polites et al:
I’m holding out for a hero.

Eurycleia dragging in Odysseus to reunite with Penelope.


Give me back my flower!

Penelope, to the suitors:
Get out. Get out. GET OUT.

Odysseus, to Eurylochus:
Killer of hope.

Antinous, re Odysseus in disguise:
Did someone leave the gates of the graveyard open?

Antinous, Eurymachus, and Amphinomus die.

Eurycleia, to Penelope:

Eurymachus, to Odysseus in disguise:
What--get out--I’m eating!

Antiphus, re Cyclops:
He likes us. He thinks we’re friends. Big dumb animal.

Circe, to Odysseus:
Are you sure it isn’t a WO-man you’re looking for?

The sadness of Land of the Dead: Anticleia walking in circles, Tiresias' still vision.

Telemachus, to Amphinomus:
Never as uncomfortable as now, I’ll bet.

Zeus, to the pantheon:
ZEUS HAS SPOKEN. All the gods shall agree.

Amphinomus, to Antinous:
You’re drunk. We don’t eat horse. Do we?

Halitherses, describing Odysseus in the shipwreck:
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

Odysseus, to Elpenos:
You'll do as I say, or you'll join it.

Elpenos, opening the bag of winds:
One last--GOT IT!

Eurybates, re Eurylochus and Helios' cattle:
He’s right. He’s so right.

Polyphemos, to Odysseus:
Gods! Ha! Cyclops toots in gods' faces.

Circe, to Odysseus:
You’ll tear my HEART out if you leave.

Eurylochus, re Circe:
She’s beautiful . . . . . so beautiful . . . . .

One of the kindergarten sheep, having failed to convince Polyphemos to eat one of Antiphus' bones, shrugs and starts gnawing on it herself.

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