Sunday, September 29, 2013

UP Packing List

OCTOBER 2-4, 2013
  • one bag lunch for the bus ride on Wednesday
  • one tent (optional) -- the kids can share tents, or sleep alone in them, or sleep outdoors in the open, or in the house; however, for those who want to share, I will determine who sleeps in which tents (I'd rather take everyone's blame than risk hurt feelings)
  • one sleeping bag & pillow (even those sleeping indoors will need these)
  • toothbrush etc (the house has three showers)
  • plenty of layers (it's Michigan; who knows how cold it'll get?) -- I always suggest extra socks
  • a bathing suit 
  • good shoes for walking; hard-core hiking boots aren't necessary, but we will be walking on woodland trails, clambering over rocks, and running on sandy beaches
  • a water bottle
  • a little backpack
  • electronics are welcome for the bus ride; as with Mammoth Cave and Scattergood, I will tally them up before we leave, and the kids will give them to me every night
  • no giant suitcases (we won't be gone THAT long, and the bus doesn't have unlimited space)
As for food, we will plan meals together and do our grocery-shopping at the local supermarket. When the trip is over, I'll tally up the bill and ask for equal contributions to cover this expense.

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