Sunday, April 21, 2013

Student Government

Our student government, which Mike and Jianmarco are calling SKSG (with lots of fiery graphics), has met three times. I posted a quick outline before spring break of our brief conversation about legislative, judicial, and executive responsibilities. In the second session, the kids hammered out a pithy Bill of Rights--only five items:

Freedom of Expression
Personal Safety
Personal Worth
Protection of Property
Fair Hearing

These items are being considered, discussed, annotated and detailed by all of our middle schoolers.

Last week, we discussed plans for a contest, generated by Evan and Taylor's plans for an SK interscholastic athletic program, to name a mascot for Summers-Knoll sports teams. More details on this exciting development to come early this week. Please watch for this.

Speaking of athletics, Elaine posted this unbelievably great portrait of a football coach in the Pacific Northwest called Frosty Westering. Please do yourself the favor of reading about this remarkable man and the work he did with young men at his university.


Representatives: Alexandra, Jianmarco, Lily, Melissa, Mike, \Saul, and Taylor.

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