Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Latest on Exhibitions

When in doubt, my ten students should be working on their exhibitions, all of which will take place this week.

To summarize, an exhibition is a thirty-minute show featuring two lessons of approximately equal length.

Each student will teach a lesson on his or her Farm-to-Table topic, and one on any other piece of portfolio work undertaken at SK in the fall of 2012.

Exhibitions are formal events and are attended by the homeroom teacher, at least one other SK staff member, family members, and at least two peers (though most will be attended by our full homeroom).

Here are the times and topics.

Trent (12:45-1:15, November 13)
FTT: How does a cow become a steak?
Portfolio: 'Maus', Art Spiegelman

Taylor (1:30-2:00, November 14)
FTT: What is the history of corn?
Portfolio: hoop house

Evan (2:15-2:40, November 14)
FTT: How does Iowa soil compare to Michigan soil?
Portfolio: exercise and brain (esp. archery)

Denali (3:00-3:30, November 14)
FTT: What is the most popular livestock raised in the US?
Portfolio: tapestry

Jonathan (3:30-4:00, November 15)
FTT: How is poison used in agriculture?
Portfolio: themed gardens design for Summers-Knoll

Saul (4:15-4:45, November 15)
FTT: From bean to bar, how is chocolate made?
Portfolio: trebuchet from Science Club

Jianmarco (5:00-5:30, November 15)
FTT: What is the best way to transport food?
Portfolio: origins and consequences of farming in Mesopotamia

Mike (1:30-2:00, November 16)
FTT: How do old farming methods compare to new ones?
Portfolio: fiction writing

Isobel (2:15-2:45, November 16)
FTT: How are piglets raised in family and factory farms?
Portfolio: American Math Race

Daniel (3:45-4:15, November 16)
FTT: How has wheat changed in recent years?
Portfolio: 'Hero', Christopher Moore

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